Safety First at WiggleWorks Kids- Your Kids are our Kids!

There are million places you could take your children to play, but you choose WiggleWorks Kids because we are CLEAN, we are SAFE, and we SERVE our Community through play and socialization! With the launch of our new play space at South Hill Mall in Puyallup, we want to thank you for choosing us time and again. Our pledge is to ensure the safety of your most precious possession: your children. So keep the following in mind when choosing where to burn off that extra energy:

Choose Safety First! Safety is our #1 priority: Our equipment manufacturer, BLD Oriental, manufactures all of its equipment to a US federal safety guideline for manufacturing amusements: the ASTM 24 Safety standard. This standard ensures the equipment is manufactured to the highest standards for mechanical quality, and flame retardency.

Look for the Yellow Stickers! Play spaces that cut corners to save a dollar here or there should be avoided! WiggleWorks ensures all of our equipment is permitted as an amusement and inspected annually by WA state L&I amusement and electrical engineering officials to guarantee our space is up to state and city code for safety and operation. The permitted certification from L&I must be displayed on all equipment, so look for the yellow stickers!

Exposed plugs, wires, and outlets are a No No! Just as you would childproof your home, businesses are required to encase all access to electrical, mechanical, and plumbing components of operation. Ensure the play spaces you choose run all electrical wiring through underground or overhead (non-visible) conduit, and that all electrical plugs are encased in boxes underneath their flooring tiles; non-accessible to little hands.

Beware of equipment and supplies being used that are not from the original manufacturer! No one wins when children’s play equipment is copied and remanufactured. Your safety is at risk and these locations should be avoided. Utility and design specifications are guaranteed ONLY BY ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS; your safety and the safety of your children could be compromised.

Remember… SAFETY FIRST! We live this motto and hope you will too!