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We made it easy! Everything MOVES! Be active, creative, social and don’t forget to WIGGLE!


Of course we think your toes are cute! But we are a little obsessive when it comes to being CLEAN!


We think you’re special enough to have your own place to play! So, get in there and PLAY BIG!


We believe that magic happens when kids play and we don’t want you to miss a MOMENT!


We think play is more fun together! So, play nice, respect each other’s right to play, and go make NEW FRIENDS!


Do you have restrooms for customers?

Yes. Restrooms also offer diaper changing facilities.

Do you have a party room?

Yes, we have a multi-purpose party room to celebrate birthdays and special occasions. Please see our Parties page for more information. We also allow booking of our party room for field trips and Preferred Partners. Please email the facility of choice directly for more information:

Email WiggleWorks kids Bellevue

Email WiggleWorks kids Puyallup

Can I make a reservation to play at WiggleWorks kids?

WiggleWorks kids is a first come/first served play environment. We only accept pre-scheduled play reservations under the following circumstances:

  • Day of play only

  • Play or Meet-up Groups via phone or email

  • Via our electronic wait list on Waitlistme (Bellevue Only)

  • Via phone – we will manually add your party to our electronic wait list.

Does WiggleWorks kids provide supervision in the play area?

Yes and no! Our staff is trained to monitor the safety of our indoor playground equipment and enforce safety guidelines in the play area, and will certainly provide help to children in need of immediate assistance or first aid care. Parents or guardians must accompany children at all times and are responsible for the safety and well-being of their children; WiggleWorks Kids is no different than an outdoor playground. We do not provide daycare or drop-off services except during pre-scheduled events. Should a child be left unattended, our facility will execute the steps of Code Adam immediately. Mall security personnel will take charge of unattended children until parents can be located.

Will we need to sign a waiver?

Yes. For insurance purposes, all guests must have a completed waiver that is signed by a parent or guardian 18 years of age or older. For your convenience, only one waiver per family is required, and all minors may be included on the same waiver. Waivers can be filled out in person at WiggleWorks kids Bellevue or Save Time NOW and fill out the form electronically:

Shoes, bare feet, or socks?

Socks! To provide guests with a safe and clean, home-like environment, socks are required to play on the playground for both kids and supervising adults.

Safety & Security

WiggleWorks kids enforces a strict Three Strike behavior policy.

    To ensure aggressive behaviors does not affect the safety of our facility and guests, we will strictly abide by the Three Strike behavior policy. Aggressive behavior includes, but is not limited to: hitting, biting, scratching, kicking, choking, punching, etc. Please note the WiggleWorks kids’ three-strike policy:

  • 1st strike — a WiggleWorks kids’ staff member will redirect the child’s behavior and asks the parent/guardian to keep an eye on the child’s behavior to prevent additional issues.

  • 2nd Strike — A WiggleWorks kids’ staff member asks the parent to have the child take a break from the playground. Our staff member will offer coloring page or book to help calm the child.
  • 3rd Strike — Not every child has a perfect day every day and we understand! If the child reaches his/her third strike, our Manager on Duty will ask the parent to leave and return another day

Please respect everyone’s right to stay healthy.

    We ask that you follow the same well-child rules for most public facilities and keep yourself and your children at home during times of illness. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to a visibly sick parent and/or child at our discretion. WiggleWorks does have an illness policy and appreciates your compliance in advance: You and/or your child may NOT enter our facility if you experience any of the following:

  • Active vomiting
  • Active diarrhea
  • Symptoms of an airway infection (cold/cough/runny nose with anything other than clear mucus)
  • Extreme tiredness and/or lack of appetite
  • Fever with headache, body aches, earache, sore throat
  • Undiagnosed or unknown rash (a rash that has not been seen or treated by a health care provider)
  • Any of the above symptoms with fever or chills
  • Untreated skin conditions such as impetigo, lice, scabies, or similar conditions
  • If antibiotic treatment is needed, your child should remain home for the first full 24 hours of medication (e.g., if your child has three doses per day ordered, then three doses must be given before allowed to enter)
  • Untreated Communicable Disease


Safety & Security Policies:

Your child must be under 48″ to play on our indoor playground. The height rule must be strictly enforced for the safety of all children. The structures are designed with specific height and weight limitations. We’re sorry that we cannot make exceptions. Please measure your children before coming to prevent disappointments. Children over 48” are allowed in our facility free of charge, but will be required to remain off of the playground at all times. This policy is not negotiable; if repeatedly ignored, you will be asked to leave the facility.

  • Admission is valid until the closing time of the day admission was purchased. You and your child must have a sticker or wristband for in-and-out privileges.
  • Minors (17 and younger) must be accompanied by an adult. Parental supervision required. No drop-offs. Do not leave your child unattended!
  • Everyone must wear socks in the play area.
  • No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the play area.
  • For safety reasons, WiggleWorks kids must abide by our legal facility occupancy capacity or less at all times.
  • Use of our center is at your own risk and you will be asked to sign a waiver of liability to participate.
  • We are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of your property. Do not leave valuables or personal belongings unattended.
  • Our facility is designed for CHILDREN’S PLAY ONLY. We require adults to refrain from riding, jumping, etc. on the facility attractions but do encourage you to assist your child/children in enjoying the play area.

Parents — we encourage you to use our facility to either interact with your children or take a break and allow your child/children to interact with others. While we offer free Wi-Fi and a comfortable atmosphere, your number-one priority is to look after your child.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time, if the safety and security of our facility are in question.

How does WiggleWorks kids set the standard for cleanliness in children’s indoor play?

All of our facilities live our “Keep Safe and Be Clean” Core Values through rigorous routine.

  • Hourly: (every 60-90 minutes) Clean and sanitize playground and all exposed surfaces
  • Daily: Opening and Closing cleaning and sanitizing of all spaces

  • Monthly: Deep cleaning checklists designed to ensure the facility and our playground are not only tidy, but more importantly, free of dirt, dust, grime, food, and bio-hazardous particles

The health and safety of our facility is our top priority and we appreciate any help from our guests to help us keep our facility in clean and sanitary order.

How safe are your toys?

All of our toys are designed and built with the highest attention to detail and quality. Our playground equipment complies with local, state, and international safety standards as well as the specific manufacturing quality standards of the ASTM F-24 guideline. Additionally, our equipment is permitted and licensed as an amusement by the state of WA L&I electrical division and is inspected annually for safety.


Where can I find detailed information about WiggleWorks kids parties & book online?

Visit our Parties page.

How can I expedite check-in for my party guests?

To expedite party check in, you can do three things:

  • Have guests fill out our waiver electronically prior to the party:

Email WiggleWorks kids Bellevue

Email WiggleWorks kids Puyallup

  • Remind guests about our 48” height rule and three-strikes behavior rule.

  • Ensure your guests understand that socks are required to enter our playground for both children and adults. WiggleWorks kids sells socks if guests forget to bring their own.

Am I allowed to bring my own food/catering to my party?

Any outside food is welcomed , there are no restrictions on food.

Can I arrive earlier than my scheduled party time?

If your party is not our first party of the day, and your guests are going to arrive earlier than your scheduled time, please let us know how many and what time they will be arriving. You and your guests can arrive up to an hour before without being subject to the wait list if one applies that day. You may have access to the party room for set up 15 minutes prior to your party.

Does the 48” height limitation apply to every child in my party?

Children over 48” are invited to participate in your child’s party, however they are not allowed to be on the WiggleWorks kids playground.

Have additional questions? Contact us today!